Premiere: Beau Wanzer – Up Chuck’s


The bar was buried in the dim glow of the evening sun. Chuck's had become a tavern in which men with nowhere else to go had descended. The bikers, the gang members, the vagabonds, they all lived there. If you were looking for trouble you simply went up Chuck's. And by god, that is what you would find. Pocket blades, guns in holsters and broken pool cue's. Every item became a weapon in this place and on a friday night you would not know which way to turn. 

Beau Wanzer is a man of mystery. His sound is beyond description, difficult to place, define or name. Rough around the edges, he was once associated with the outsider house genre but over time he has certainly proven his weight to be more than a mere hype or fad. Listen to his track as part of a forthcoming release from Power Vacuum below. The track is taken from the latest forthcoming edition from the 'Vectors' series which will be out on 2 x 12" on January 24th. 

The release will be landing soon HERE. Visit the Beau Wanzer site HERE

A release will take place on February 4th in Berlin HERE

disclaimer – words by Ransom Note not Power Vacuum

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