Premiere: Bear Bones, Lay Low – Voces De Humo (DJ Plead Belly – Roll Mix)


The old temple stood tall amidst the towering trees of the mysterious jungle, wild animals moved quickly between the trees and chirping birds danced amidst the backdrop of a deep blue sky which overlooked it all. Walking towards the old ruin he began to wonder how much it had taken to build such a magnificent feat of architecture, how many workers had slaved away and did they ever see the glory of the end. It was a magnificent beast but not one worth death… Soon night would fall and it would be time to explore…

Bear Bones, Lay Low delivers an eclectic EP made up of wandering percussion, rogue soundscapes and weirdness for the newly launched label OK SPIRIT – an imprint run by N.I.B., Kilian Paterson and DJ Neewt. It features a club focussed remix from Dj Plead.

Listen below: