Premiere: BDHBTS – Uzdaras Vakaras (Alek Lee Remix)


The smell of sweet spices filled the air; a momentary escape for the senses amongst the chaos of the busy streets. People shuffled along chattering excitedly and stopping every now and then to greet one another like long lost friends. Streams of colourful material decorated the walls while intricately detailed lamps hung from hooks eminating a warm glow. The market was full of dusty trinkets and kitsch memorabilia from centuries gone by; a treasure trove of lost possessions and forgotten items that held stories none of us would ever know. If you looked hard enough, you could find exactly what you were looking for here. Things you might not know you'd been searching for all along… 

Good Skills is the new label founded by musicians and friends Liudas Lazauskas AKA Roe Deers and Titas Motuzas in their home of Vilnius, Lithuania. For the first release they're introducing us to the sounds they've been making together as BDHBTS, offering up two originals as well as a eight remixes from friends both local and international. Remixers for the inaugural release include native talent Zakmina, Russia's Wolfstream, German poet Bryan Kessler, Belgian producers Strapontin and Asa Moto, Ombra International boss Curses, Berlin-based Moderna and Tel-Aviv multi-instrumentalist Alek Lee, who provides today's tripped out percussive rework.