Premiere: Basses Terres – Hebi No Tori


The night was young as they began to walk the mean streets of the capital. Paris was alive with the sound of drums and raucous protest, in the distance the sound of whoops and cheers could be heard as the sirens began to roar ever loud. The rain poured from the distant sky and small puddles began to form upon cobbled streets, it was not a night for hanging back. Lights flickered softly behind shop windows and mischief lingered in the hollow air. 

BFDM is a French record label with a talent for showcasing some of the best in electronic music having released records by the likes of The Pilotwings, Dj Normal 4, J-Zbel and beyond. The next release comes from a familiar face to the label, Basses Terres, a singular producer with a distinct experimental sound. The release will be a mini LP, the 19th outing on the imprint. Listen below: 

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