Premiere: Buran – Beta


His finger hovered over the button hesitantly, his willingness to press it coming and going in waves. Once he hit it that was it, there was no going back, no beta mode to save him. The risk seemed to outweigh the return, and it would be on his shoulders, and his only, if there were any glitches. He knew he’d have to bite the bullet soon enough, but until then he’d let the anxiety gnaw away a little longer…

Our good friend Timothy Clerkin is back with another batch of acid-tinged bangers on his Insult To Injury imprint, run with our good selves, this time courtesy of Manchester-based producers Buran, with two remixes from Kincaid and Earth Trax. Spawned from several live jams, which have barely been edited before going to press, in typical ITI fashion the two originals pack a punch from the off, bringing together acid bass lines, rumbling low end and thumping kicks.