Premiere: Balam – Wakax (Matias Aguayo remix)


The ceremony had begun. In a circle they sat – legs crossed, minds activated – following the softly spoken words of the shaman as he welcomed them in. The music travelled around the space: at times capturing their attention, at others sending them into a trance. As one they drank deeply, allowing the liquid to swirl and churn in their stomachs, before waiting for its final release and for their minds to truly open.

This time last year, Argentinian producer Balam landed on Lyon’s Hard Fist Records, to pay tribute to the Latin rhythms and percussion that have become a signature in his productions. ‘Chants of Pachamama Part 1’ was a deep dive into these traditional sounds that Balam effortlessly fuses with contemporary electronics to create something completely his own.

This time, for the second and final instalment, he explores the ritual and practice of magic plants synonymous with the South American rainforest. Across the original tracks ceremonial chants and live percussion are layered over hypnotic modular synths and heavy bass lines, while on the flip Matias Aguayo closes proceedings with his own dark, twisted take on ‘Wakax’.