Premiere: Baby Rollén & Gallegos – Dance East, Dance West


The last days of summer were here, he watched from his window, looking out upon a bedraggled city in the glow of the dying sun. Outside they were dancing from the East to the West for they feared not the darkness which would soon fall and engulf the bleak, burgeoning chaos of a place. If this was to be the last of the blue skies for another year then it was right that they looked to make the most of it, for that was to be the way of things these days. Sweet in the beginning and bitter in the end. 

Feelings is a fun loving London based record label which delights and pleases. Their previous releases have been from the likes of Kasra V, Larry Houl and 1-800 Girls but now they are joined by a a duo, Baby Rollén & Gallegos.

Listen below: