Premiere: b0n – Semenovich Vibe


The lift doors close. He knows he’s gotten away with it. He feels relief and calm euphoria, but the lift journey down still feels eternal. As the doors finally open, the city skyline provides a slim, glamorous backdrop to the tenth floor of a dimly lit car park. He walks out with purpose in a straight line looking very composed and accomplished, as if no one can touch him. Out of the shadows a silhouette begins to follow him. His expression slowly morphs from accomplished, to concerned, but he keeps walking just as composed and at the same pace. As the silhouette begins to gather speed behind him, he catches its reflection in a car window. He pretends to get into a car, but instead sprints in the opposite direction and bursts through the fire exit. The silhouette follows, and a chase ensues through the murky city streets and into the night.

Enchanted Rhythms’ second white label outing juxtaposes new and old friends for more far-out and futuristic 2-step excursions. b0n’s contribution, ‘Semenovich Vibe’, is an unassuming, late night tripper that keeps to the gritty feel of the EP while adding a unique playful element. The bouncy cosmic samples in the track makes it effortless to get lost in, and will be a winner for those looking for a subtle pick me up on a dancefloor later on in the night.