Premiere: Awitw ‘Evening Sky (Acid Washed Remix)’ – Night Noise Music


When was the last time you went for a walk in the woods? Probably not for a long time, so allow Ransom Note dear reader, to guide you through a woodland experience that you'll never forget. First, dear reader you encounter Ransom Note, standing alone and looking aloof at an outdoor party. In fact it's a mutual friend's wedding. In Shropshire. It's one of those shoe-less outdoor weddings. You strike a up conversation with Ransom Note, "Hi," you say, "I really like your vibe, I wonder if you'd like to premiere a track for me?" Ransom Note looks out into the distance, towards the hills and the evening sky. A distant, haunted expression descends over their face and suddenly you can see years of strife in Ransom Note's eyes. "Ok," they agree, "The track is rather danceable and I'm sure everyone will like it." You feel relief, "But first," says Ransom Note ominously, "first we are going to go for a walk in the woods."

There is a border of pine forest surrounding the field of the wedding venue. Uncertain, but wanting a premiere, you decide to follow Ransom Note as they stalk on legs seemingly as old and wisened as time into the thicket. You follow a winding, dark path that gradually burrows further and further into the Shropshire landscape, in the direction of the hills. You wonder where on earth they could be taking you and you start to worry. Suddenly, you find yourself in an open clearing, where Ransom Note has decided to stop. "Now," they say, "put on these Acid Washed shorts". You put on the acid washed shorts, you suddenly notice Ransom Note is also wearing acid washed shorts. They've also brought a portable speaker. Out of the speaker comes AWITW (A Walk In The Wood)'s 'Evening Sky (Acid Washed Remix)', you dance for 6 minutes and 46 seconds. Then you go back to the party and act like nothing happened. The End.

AWITW's Evening Sky is out shortly on Night Noise Music