Premiere: Autarkic – Gewalt


There was a soft rumble which echoed beneath the city streets, it was the sound of the subway which cast a spell across the whole of town. It was the lifesource of a creative aspiration, the heart of economic vibrance and a meaning for movement in an otherwise chaotic world. This was where people lived and worked, prayed and played, cried and laughed. All of it happened here, on a moving train underground. If only to be a fly on the wall amidst this flashing bullet in the dark. What would it see…

Autarkic is a producer of whom we have been fond for years – his take on electronic music has been widely endorsed by an eclectic assortment of dj's and characters who have helped champion to where he resides in the present. A new EP on Optimo awaits, intriguing and purpose built it's as exciting as they come. 

Listen below: