Premiere: August Artier – Hina


As he lay down his axe and wrestled the huge bundle of sticks onto his back, the woodsman heard a low drone in the near distance that gave him reason to pause. The forest was full of ambient noises that you could separate if you trained your ear hard enough, but this one was different. There was an insistency to it, so much so that the woodsman felt it must have been made for him alone to hear. Hiding his sticks and taking the axe in both hands, he parted the thicket and strode onwards towards the hypnotic sound.

East London imprint Inside Out Records have one last offering for us before the year is out. Hina is the new record from August Artier, which consists of three originals backed by remixes from VVerses, Lex and CERPINTXT. Listen to the title track below:

Hina is out 18th December on Inside Out Records.

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