Premiere: Aubrey – Abstract Chemistry


There was a playful sense of experimentation in the lab that day. Some watched with eager glee at the prospect that something might pop, bang or explode at any given moment whilst others were slightly more hesitant. This was a day in which they would practise abstract chemistry, a day that teachers dreaded with power and might for the risk that a pupil might set fire to the building and bring it all tumbling down. Those who were mischievous relished in the wild notion of the experiments and lived for the fallout to come. 

Aubrey is a longstanding UK based producer who has released a prominent back catalogue across many years. Dream Diary is a collective of producers and dj's with a passion for electronic music. Brixton based the label is a certified authority on the best in the genre. This latest EP is a beautiful assortment of delicate dubbed out textures and wild soundscapes. A real treat. 

Listen below:

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