Premiere: Arvin Fajar – In The Shadows


There was a frosty feeling in the air this evening, a sense that something sinister was headed this way. The clocks had gone back the previous week and the days had got shorter and the nights considerably longer, bringing with them an overwhelming darkness. As the couple walked their normal path home they couldn't help but look over their shoulders. It was eerily silent, almost too silent. They hadn't seen a passer by since they began their journey. Perhaps it was just paranoia or their imagination working on overdrive, but it felt as though someone or something was lurking in the shadows…

Berlin-based imprint Ombra International's next V/A release welcomes five talented producers from around the world. International by name, international by nature. Exploring electronica, EBM, rock and everything in between, the release features offerings from Slovenia, Russia, Mexico, Belgium and our pick from Indonesian producer Arvin Fajar. Opener "In The Shadows" creeps along slowly, flaunting epic guitar twangs and weaving together influences from EBM, dark disco and new wave.