Premiere: Arthur Johnson – 31SPCIAL


The roads were closed at every turn, there was no way out of this god forsaken place. Huge barricades blocked off each street, even the alley ways had been shut off with makeshift blockades. They’d gone round in circles for hours and hours trying to make their escape; for now they’d managed to give whoever was trailing them the slip, but they couldn’t guarantee they wouldn’t be found again.

After five successful stints, Mexico’s Duro return for instalment number six of their flagship VA series ‘Muy Duro’. As always they welcome a collection of artists who have a synergy with the label and its mission; both old faces and new. This time round they feature contributions from ID_UA & Berny, Hard Fist co-founder Cornelius Doctor, Alvaro Cabana, Colossio and Le Dame Noir’s Arthur Johnson, who bring their signature sonic touches with sounds ranging from dark disco to broken beats and synth-driven electronics.