Premiere: Aron Ottignon ft. ÌFÉ – Ore Yèyé O (Lucas Croon Remix)


The water rippled and glistened under the sun as if there were a thousand diamonds hidden below the surface. Amidst the rapids, small amphibious animals and colourful fish swam happily with the tide, finding new homes to settle in along the way. Back on land, many locals came down to the river to bathe or swim each day; its depths provided a perfect place to meet, talk and bask in the crystal clear waters…

Ore Yèyé O is the fruits of a collaboration between New Zealand producer Aron Ottignon and Puerto-Rico-based vocalist and Yoruba priest Otura Mun, better known as Ìfé. A meeting in 2017 led them to exchange ideas and begin jamming together, with Aron then editing and arranging the tracks before Mun laid over his lyrics. The result is a song that is a salute and prayer to Yoruban deity Oshùn, with Mun’s vocals lifting the listener into spiritual spheres whilst Aron’s piano chords unfold and balance harmonically below. Alongside the original track, three producers take on remix duties, including BBE’s Julien Dyne, Ziggy Zeitgeist and TFGC affiliate Lucas Croon, who propels the original incantations into hypnotic depths.