Premiere: Arno Vancolen – Substance #2


Smart clothes, nice smile, good manners… He talked a bit too much though. She was sure she’d mastered the art of dating now; the do’s and the don’ts, the conversation starters, the deal breakers and the escape routes. She had a checklist and it was imperative they met all the criteria. Nobody slipped through the cracks anymore, she knew exactly what she wanted and she wouldn’t settle for anything less.  

Listening through Rouen-based musician and Steeple Remove member Arno Vancolen’s debut solo album, you can hear the scores of influences that helped shape it. Drawing from his background in post-punk, krautrock, industrial and noise, as well as his work in electronic music with the likes of Laurent Garnier, 6 Fragments blends elements of classic minimalism, indie rock and avant-garde. Released via EPM Music, the LP merges his passion for both band and electronic, matching ambient drone sounds, driving, linear instrumentals and shimmering electronics with synthetic loops and heady guitars.