Premiere: Arnheim – Come Into Rain


The warmth of the summer season had begun to fade. Soon the plains would be full of lush green grass and flying birds. Rainy season approached and the hardship of the drought was almost over. The struggle of a community stranded amidst the desert was not deemed important on the global scene. They were a forgotten people. As she watched the clouds move slowly across the sky she wondered when the first drop might fall from above. She longed for the feel of the cold damp upon her skin, she longed to come into rain. It would be any day now, but for tonight the people would have to wait. 

Arnheim is set to release a two track EP on the newly launched label, Baptismo Alpinismo. The label is an offshoot of Isaiah Tapes and sees Arnheim take an eclectic approach with percussive drums and subtle padding. Listen to 'Come Into Rain' below:

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