PREMIERE: Arnaldo – Heritage On The Sign


The jungle was within his mind and his dreams were under a spectacular attack. This was a sleeping assault which would leave his senses shaken and stirred, he was under arrest. The last he could remember was sitting on a speeding train as it roared through the English countryside, now he was amidst rocky mountains being stalked by rapturous beasts. The sky fell dark so suddenly and the nightmare began to warp his perception of all that was around. 

Arnaldo has long since been a favourite of ours here at Ransom Note, a stalwart of all that is deep and splendid. We were delighted to hear that he had launched his own imprint. Naturist is now open for business and Arnaldo releases its second. Listen below: 

Visit the Naturist Soundcloud HERE.  Clips from the EP can be found HERE

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