Premiere: Ark – In Lov


The empty boulevard was strangely enchanting under the glow of the dying sun. The radiant pink sky was lit up with a fluorescent haze as the cars travelled back and forth upon the tarmac. She walked along the sidewalk simply watching the world, she was blissfully ignorant of the smog and fumes being dispelled by the monstous exhausts. She cared little for the honk of horns and the angry words being exchanged between passengers. The whole world might as well disappear for she was in love. 

Ark is a somewhat underrated figure. The French producer has crafted a deeply singular sound across many years and yet is often forgotten or displaced amidst the dance and electronic music community. Maybe that's the way he likes it, on the fringes, dabbling in sound. Listen to "In Lov" on Bloop below: 

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