Premiere: Arexibo – Gemini


The pair of identical anthropomorphic PCs sat quietly on the examination table, only their transparent skin rhythmically expanding, resembling the act of breathing. The small lab room allowed only for said table which faced a large rectangular window looking onto perfectly-cut grass dotted by stock-still birches. In the corner of the room an engineer sat by a desk, uploading a new OS onto the PCs via vein-coloured cables plugged at the nape of the necks of the androids. Their hands delicately intertwined as they looked out of the window: it was as if they could feel that cool October breeze and sun on their bioplastic skins and their artificial touch could sense that perfectly-cut grass.

Seoul-based mixed media artist Arexibo releases her first solo outing, 카운터! (Counter!), on Chinabot. The release builds on her experience as part of the all-female DJ collective BAZOOKAPO Seoul, offering a collection of tracks that glide between abrasive dancefloor-inspired electronica to loftier contemplative instances. Today we share the track ‘쌍둥이자리 Gemini’, whose combative, frantic beat is counterbalanced by trance-inspired, spiralling synths, perfectly encapsulating Arexibo’s objective: “’Counter’ is a word that presupposes a pair and it also implies a balance of power. When a force of similar size pulls each other in opposite directions, the two are temporarily placed at a standstill. My attitude of producing and creating is no different from this balancing act.”