Premiere: Aquarium – Sandalwood


The forest was damp and the smell of rain rose between the trees. The cabin was far removed from the world outside, those inside were unaware of the war, crime and poverty which had flushed all good from the world. Here within the forest amidst the smell of sandalwood they were at one with nature. Some called them hippies, others thought them strange, but they did not care for the thoughts and tears of others. The jungle floor was all which they needed to make them happy day by day. The whole damn world may as well be theirs for all they cared, who was anyone to tell them otherwise?

Aquarium is the latest artist to feature on X-Kalay. He leads the new sub label, Silver Lake, forward in a new direction as he unveils an ambient album of beautiful pads, soundscapes and dreamy visions. Listen to "Sandalwood" below:

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