Premiere: AOD – Darkness


A veil of darkness had spread across the city, leaving streets and houses consumed by the shadows. The night had taken over, it was as if the daylight would never arrive again. Now this had become their existence, their eternal reality; all that they knew now was the pitch black of night. It had marked a change in everybody's temperament, they had become hardened, unfathomed by the blanket of darkness that now ruled over their lives. They went about their business as if by light, the night couldn't stop their daily grind…

AOD is the new project from Scott Fraser, one half of London-based duo, party and now label, Body Hammer. This marks the second release on the pair's newly founded imprint following an inaugural release from both of them earlier this year. Scott's first outing as AOD came last year with a couple of dubplates for Rye Wax's Runout event on Record Store Day and now he comes through with two fresh US style tracks for those Chicago house lovers.