Premiere: Antoni Maiovvi – Valencia Forever


An ode to Bakalao, the popular dance scene in Valencia in the 80s and 90s, on Italo Moderni.

What had once began as a small gathering of friends soon snowballed into something beyond the realms of their imagination. Through word of mouth people came from far and wide to experience these moments of euphoria themselves; the reputation of these clubs and DJs now preceded them. They had no idea this was a movement; that they were on the cusp of something influential that would go down in history.


With his debut release on Italo Moderni, Bristol-born, Berlin-based producer Antoni Maiovvi explores Bakalao: the popular dance scene in Valencia in the 80s and 90s. Drawing inspiration from this influential period for underground clubbing in Spain — “Movida Valenciana and its direct heir, the so-called ”Ruta Destroy” — the four tracks on the release explore strains of Italo disco (unsurprisingly), minimal synth, electro and EBM, backed up by remixes from Jensen Interceptor, Cardopusher and WLDV.