Premiere: Anton Klint & Edvin E – Pathetic Aestetic (New Born Jr & Artur8 Remix)


Above the fluffy white clouds the sun tried its hardest to break through. Patches of blue punctuated the sky, a canvas for various shapes to form. Far below on solid ground, a couple lay hand in hand on the thick green grass gazing up longingly. A plane soared overhead leaving a thick stream of smoke in its wake. As it dissipated they tried to imagine where this plane was on a course for, who the people on board were and what they dreamt of. It was a game they liked to play often for they knew they would never be able to embark on these adventures themselves. For now, their imagination served them well; anything was possible in their made up reality.

King Of Kong and Tryck & Ton come together for a collaborative release from two of the label heads, Anton Klint and Edvin E. On remix duties they've invited Kasper Bjorke, Hardway Bros, Eric Duncan and, our pick of the bunch, Newborn Jr. & Artur8, to reimagine the original track. Artur8, who also helps to run King Of Kong, joins forces with Polish producer Newborn Jr, famed for his releases alongside Earth Trax and as part of live project Private Press. Together they turn the track into an ethereal musing with the introduction of dreamy keys and a pulsating bass line. King Of Kong are throwing a label party on Saturday 13th July at The Glove That Fits – more information here.