Premiere: Anna Morgan – I Don’t Really Care If You Want 2


It was almost dusk when I walked through the thick fog, compelled by a force unknown to me and drained by the lethargy of weeks gone by. I remember crunching the moist ground below me, toes hugging the dew and moss, feet tapping in rhythm to the bird melodies and siren calls. I found myself scanning the sun’s viscous rays and bowing before her grandiose presence, wishing that I could tell night from day.

Anna Morgan’s “I Don’t Really Care If You Want 2” is a percussive-heavy track, sweltering with footwork vocals and a pounding sub bassline. The track is taken from Shubzin’s third V/A instalment, a 12-track compilation featuring local and international talent including Estebahn, Thinh and CM-4.

All proceeds from sales will be split between two worthwhile services: Faz Amnesty and Steel Warriors. The former is created by knife crime victim Faz, who connects community members in order to swap JD vouchers for weapons, which he then disposes of via the police, and the latter organisation takes knives off the streets and melts them down into calisthenics training bars in public parks. Alongside this release, the organisations are working together in Enfield to build a park for local young people to facilitate a positive and supportive community, particularly in light of the previous year which saw knife crime levels skyrocket.

Buy HERE from 5th February.