Premiere: Angelo Ioakimoglu – Easter Theme


The season was changing, the cold of winter had been banished far away into the distance and the glow of the sun had returned with a warmth and quality which sent pulses racing. This was an Easter theme, a noise which would accompany the beautiful daylight which had returned for the very first time. The grass was long and green, the wind blew it back and forth softly in the fields. In the distance birds soared overhead, they were heading for the ocean waters in which they could now dive beneath the cool blue. 

Angelo Ioakimoglu is a Greek musician who first helped define balearic and electronic music within the country, his compositions were well ahead of his time and seem as relevant in the present as they did many years ago. This track is being released as part of a compilation by Into The Light, a series of tracks which were recorded when he was just 16 between 1995 and 1997. Listen below: 


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