Premiere: Angel Rocket – Pomelo Fog


Angel Hunt and Peter Rocket join forces on Accidental Meetings.

A thick fog hung low over the city; barely a sliver of light could pierce through its murky haze. It instilled a sense of impending doom amongst the inhabitants. There was a certain amount of superstition that had already wormed its way into people’s every day lives here. Tales had been passed down through generations about the strange occurrences and unexplained attacks that had taken place; some dismissed it as hearsay while others took it as gospel. For them, even the slightest change in the energy or weather and the speculation would soon begin.


The coming together of Good Morning Tapes’ Angel Hunt and BEAM’s Peter Rocket, under the name Angel Rocket the London-based duo explore their shared love of divergent strains of dancehall, techno and breaks. The first vinyl release on Brighton’s Accidental Meetings, following a string of tape releases and compilations, the four-tracker also marks Angel Rocket’s debut release and morphs from one form to another, taking in dembow rhythms, industrial dancehall variations, gentle polyrhythms and 4×4 techno.