Premiere: Andy Garvey – sub.conscious


Endless rows of slot machines, manned by those invigorated with the promise of the big win, fill the casino with blinding flickers and the cacophonous kerchunk of the bandit’s one arm. The empty promise of financial gain masks the gambler's fallacy in a gold coat of smoke and mirrors. As the hypnotic nature of the roulette wheel calls forth like an infinite beacon, it becomes clear that harnessing it’s power is the key to perpetual motion. Beyond it’s glitz and glam, the shimmer of financial gain and the dark reality of ruin, for the foreseeable, Vegas is home.

Out on Lobster Theremin’s UNDR, an imprint that focuses on the deeper side of club music, is Andy Garvey’s Complex Clarity. The Sydney-native is an integral part of the Australian scene, and her reputation as one of the country’s most innovative DJs truly shows in her own productions. This release features five tracks of quality techno and electro, each of which subscribe to a ‘less is more’ approach. Our pick, ‘sub.concious’ is a low-tempo, moody electro stomper that slowly builds upon subtle elements with atmospheric pads and futuristic sounds.