Premiere: Anatolian Weapons – Ela


Like a dog following a scent, huddles of people scoured the small, winding streets for night time activities to take them through till the early hours. There was no shortage of parties and gatherings around this way; what mattered was finding the best one. Guidance, promotion or clues were non-existent, you simply had to follow your nose (or your ears) to track it down. So they endlessly meandered from street to street, hoping the harmonious melodies would soon lead them to their destination.

Born out of their party and NTS show of the same name, DJs and radio hosts Feel The Drive AKA Szymek Lawik and Martin Lefteri are taking their first steps into the label world with a V/A that goes through the gears. Their love of Italo, new beat and EBM forms the backbone of FTD’s parties and radio show, so of course their label pursuits tread the same synth-driven path. Their debut release brings together four artists manoeuvering in these realms, the likes of Slow Motion co-founder Franz Scala, BIS and Dark Entries alumni Anatolian Weapons, Bordello a Parigi’s Furor Exotica and the FTD guys themselves under their Ondata moniker.