Premiere: Amani – Fuc^ed Up


The grass was sodden underfoot from a night of thunderous rain, in patches congealed with thick sticky mud. A shrill howl cut through the air leaving a sense of unease about the place. Without warning thousands of people appeared from the trees moving at rapid speed across the woodland. A chaotic mess of limbs, they pushed one another out of the way, intent on escaping the fear that pursued them. It was every man for themselves, a game of survival.

Singer, songwriter and producer Amani lands on London-based label Love Story Recordings with an ethereal experimental cut that comes with an ambient mix and a slomo acidic remix from Mr Timothy Clerkin. Taking influences from Portishead, James Blake and Arca, Amani works with a sense of chaos and unease in her vocals and production, calling this piece "a portrait of hurt, resignation, acceptance and survival."