Premiere: Alma & Mater – Susan (Ada Remix)


The days were long and bright, each morning she had been woken from her slumber by bird song and the sun's hot beating rays. She hung her head out of the window watching the world go by below. What a beautiful day, she thought to herself. Bright pink blossom fell from the trees that shrouded the winding path, each petal floating delicately in the wind before joining the soft blanket that covered the ground. Laughter and incessant chatter filled the air as huddles of children made their way to school along the pink path. Spring had arrived and with it a new found sense of hope and joy.

Alma & Mater are set to release their first solo EP for Cologne-based imprint Ancient Future Now. Following a string of well-received edits for the label, this four tracker showcases their love for sunkissed italo house and sees Pampa's Ada and Hade put their own spins on the two originals.