Premiere: Alinka – Do What U Want 4AM Mix


Dressed in a white tank top, crinkly red swim shorts, and a pair of flimsy green flip flops, he adopted a nonchalant stroll and headed down the street, pausing as he reached the corner. Lifting his sunglasses and glancing across the road, he noticed a red convertible easing into a parking space in front of an off-license. He watched the driver leap out of the car and hurry into the shop, leaving the keys in the ignition. Pausing for another moment, he lowered his sunglasses and slinked towards the car, casually opening the door and making himself comfortable before turning the key, gripping the wheel, and putting his foot down.

Alinka pulls no punches with the 4AM mix of ‘Do What U Want’; punchy rhythms, chopped vocals and a catchy hook of acid stabs make up the title track of her forthcoming EP on her brand new imprint, Fantasy Life. ‘Do What U Want’ is a love letter to dance music, flaunting the retro flavours that Alinka has become known for through her DJ sets and releases with Twirl Recordings. But although the EP harks back to those classic house framework, the Berlin-based producer succeeds at keeping each track engaging and fresh by expertly weaving in complex layers of sound.