Premiere: Alexander Skancke – Yes Or No (DJ Fett Birger’s Simple Freak America Mix)


There was a simple answer to the question, yet it all felt so complicated when he was asked to respond before thousands of impatient onlookers. He was supposed to be their leader, the captain of the cult of which they were very much a part of. Yet here he was, unable to answer with a simple yes or no. Word of mouth was a dangerous thing, it had lead him to this precarious position in which he was compelled to answer before the masses. Who'd of thought his lips might ever land him in such trouble. 

Alexander Skancke is set to release a new EP via De Gode Selskab, it comes complete with an oddball remix from none other than Scandinavian powerhouse Dj Fett Burger. He reworks the material into something warped and wandering, for playful listeners and strange times. 

Listen below: