Premiere: Alexander Robotnick – Undicidisco (Bawrut 1-2-3-4 Remix)


Sat upon the end of the boulevard there was an empty building, an art deco affair with a delicate poise and a sense of grandeur which had been lost to the age of time. It had once been a beautiful dancehall, bustling with life and the luxurious, balearic elegance of a sun kissed assortment of the rich and famous. A unique disco, every Friday night it was celebrated and frequented by the finest in the land…. Now it sat there, empty and lonely upon the Italian coast, watching as the waves crashed in and outwards against the shore. This was to be no more. 

Alexander Robotnick is a producer who needs no introduction, a fierce talent and a pioneer of the italo disco movement across a generation. His music has travelled far and wide and has been a staple of dancefloors for decades. Soon he will retire the moniker but for now it see's a revival on Hell Yeah Recordings alongside a remix from our own Bawrut. Listen below: