Premiere: Alex Autajon – Stab 2 (feat. Leomid)


The machine was powerful. It shook the room whilst in operation and created a tremendous noise which bounced between the walls and caused the foundations of the building to wobble and shake beneath the strain. It punched and prowled, dense stabs of metallic energy filled the air. One by one, two by two. From outside it must sound like some apocalyptic creature was being unleashed within the four walls of the warehouse but to them on the inside, watching it self destruct was a thing of beauty. 

Alex Autajon is set to release new music on MOVELTRAXX, an EP which sends a nod to the fast paced past of Dance Mania and Ghettotech whilst also drawing upon influences from the world of Juke and Ballroom. Sharp stabs punch and pound in this sun kissed summer track ready to do damage on the dancefloor. 

Listen below:

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