Premiere: Alessandro Parisi – Babilonia


Descending even further, the divers recalled how long ago it was since they’d seen the comforting bright sky. They had entered an astounding new world. At around 300, 400, 500 metres, sunlight started to slip away like a suffocated flame, and the water stopped being the gentle blue that most are familiar with. Another 500 metres deeper, the ocean became an unforgiving black that engulfed any and all kinds of light. Surrounded at every angle by a dark and desolate expanse that felt perpetual, the three divers drifted downwards, with a machine of glass and twisted metal being the only thing keeping them safe from the bone-crushing pressure.

Alessandro Parisi embarks on an exploration into the deep world of synthetic sonics on ‘Babilonia’, moving at a pensive pace with serpentine synth lines, acid bass, and breathy vocal pads. Parisi’s forthcoming album Ascensione Progressiva is out on Medical Records, a label based in Seattle who are purveyors of minimal synth, cosmic disco, and other forms of futuristic music.