Premiere: Aleksei Nikitin – Vesna (Daniël Jacques Remix)


The old building sat perched atop the hillside looking out upon the small town below. It had stood, watching, overlooking for what had been a lifetime. Inside great things had happened, people had come and gone. The bells chimed out each weekend but not for very long. Birds whizzed around the tall towers, their wings soared upon the morning air, deep down below the dense green mist glimmered and lingered in the light of the early sun as another day approached. The house stood still. 

Aleksei Nikitin is set to release a new EP on UNDERTHESEA, a record label with an enticing tropical aesthetic but rugged undertones. The EP is a collection of abstract techno, rugged yet beautiful at the same time. It comes complete with a remix from Daniël Jacques, a producer of which we have been a fan for many years. 

Listen below: 

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