Premiere: Aleksa Alaska – Fragile Belief System


Eyes narrowed, brow furrowed, she flicked through the leaflets that had started to pile up underneath her letter box. She traced her finger over each line, repeating the process over and over until the words had seared into her brain. The information in these had become her gospel, she lived by these newly found beliefs, seemingly thrust upon her by exterior forces. But that’s what kept her going, everybody needs something to believe in…

Amsterdam-based label Ganzfeld Records start life with a 10-track compilation that brings together artists from across the world, who are moving in the sonic worlds of electro, breakbeat, trance, bass and acid. While local Dutch artists like Gamma Intel and lower_flower feature, the V/A also sees contributions from the likes of Norwegian-Indian producer SUCHI, Chicago’s ravelogic, Armenian producer NTHR1 and Romanian DJ and producer Aleksa Alaska.