Premiere: Alejandro Molinari – Santo Ritmo (Mijo Remix)


The heavens had opened that evening, leaving everything in its wake sodden and unable to operate. The clouds looked ominous, demonic almost, as if a day of reckoning was upon us all but nobody had been given the memo. On days like these, the only thing you could do was to lock yourself away and wait for the storm to pass, but tonight it didn't feel as if that would be an imminent reality. They were in this for the long haul…

Venezuelan native Alejandro Molinaro, who now resides in Berlin, is the next artist to land on Barcelona's Playground Records following recent releases from Roe Deers, Leonor and Marzian. Alejandro's EP boasts three originals and three remixes from friends of the label including Middle Sky Boom, Teniente Castillo, Skelesys and Mijo, who lend their own talents to the dark, rock-influenced productions.