Premiere: Alan Dente – Dark Nebula


Alan Dente is a fiend. Not only is he a member of Parisian tastemakers Les Yeux Orange (and if you haven't been checking out their superb blog you need to right away; they know all the good tunes…), Dente has now proved to be as good at writing modern Italo classics as he is at spotting 'em. Having already released on Red Laser Records, Dente has now dropped a 4 track 12" for Dutch disco supporters Bordello A Parigi. Titled the Dark Nebula EP, we've been given the title track to share with you today, and it's all you'd want; urgent cowbells, loungelizard basslines, dreaming synth and endless arpeggios spiralling to the cosmos…

Dark Nebula is available from Bordello here

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