Premiere: Aki Aki – Footage Of Eagles And Dorades


As the birds flew gracefully between the towering peaks he breathed in a deep sigh of peaceful relief and humble fresh air. Earth was a truly beautiful place under the glow of the summer sun: the rocks glimmered and flickered under the grace of the mid morning heat and the chirps of eagles could be heard from way up high. Down below the water rippled softly beneath the shadow of the great cliff, fish moved to and fro between the mild summer currents. 

c͏a͏n͏d͏o͏m͏b͏lé is a record label based in Dusseldorf which has been attracting serious attention as of late following the release of their acclaimed first EP back in 2017 which is still in heavy rotation. Now the label offers up a new three track affair featuring appearances from Aki Aki, Dj Normal 4 and Kaschiel. Listen to a track by Aki Aki below: 

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