Premiere: Adonis & Sidney Winter Aka Dancer’s Boom Boom (Jerome Hill Edit)


Today's premiere is Jerome Hill's edit of Adonis and Sidney Winters aka Dancer's classic 'Boom Boom' which featured a mix down by the late Frankie Knuckles. Produced in 1987 (and sounding like nothing else from that year), it's been given a little tweak and been re-arrangement by Jerome Hill, then been remastered and cut super loud. 

Hill says of the edit: 
"The Boom Boom track, is a very respectful and quite slight re-edit… i.e. I don't want it to look like i'm trying to take credit for the production… The other side, the Marshall Jefferson Remix is all my own production." You don't get that sort of a humility often in this game! 

Scheduled for a very limited run alongside Hill's remix of Marshall Jefferson's 'Lost In The Groove', if you like what you hear and fancy owning a copy of your very own then you best get shopping quick;

'Lost In The Groove/Boom Boom' will be released on 9th March via Super Rhythm Tracks, pre-order your copy here.