Premiere: Adam Pits – Element X


There was no sign of life. Looking around he could see little indication that there had ever been anything or anyone on this long forgotten planet. In the middle of the galaxy it floated silently, unobserved through the dense black of night. As he walked upon the surface of the great orb he watched as his feet sunk softly into the sand beneath – this was what he was looking for. The prized element X – it had been sought by science for many years but now he would be the one to bring it home. 

Adam Pits delivers fast paced, cosmic, tech infused bumpers on Haŵs, a record label which is setting out a statement of intent for the new year with a super EP featuring remixes by Priori and Central. This one has a big gold stamp from us. 

Visual courtesy of @dreaming_vinyl via Instagram

Listen below: