Premiere: Adam Curtain – Doping Scandal (Dj Haus Remix)


The news was unprecedented, it had come as a bitter shock to them all. As whispers were exchanged between greedy, opportunistic reporters the story began to circulate. It seemed as though this was to soon be the talk of the town and the end of the road. Never in his lifetime had he imagined a scandal quite like this, a doping scandal no less, on home turf. As the cameras began to flicker and flash he prepared to bid his farewells to the press room knowing all too well that this would be his last time on tv, let alone in the ring. 

Adam Curtain has a relentless output at present, he’s releasing music at a furious pace. His next EP comes on Handy Records, the first outing on the label. The EP is rounded off nicely by a punchy remix from UTTU boss Dj Haus who enters the ring. 

Listen below: