Premiere: Abrão – Tudo Bom (Sado V Remix)


The drums roared triumphantly, they banged and boomed as if they were being hit by some fantastic hammer. Marching through the streets the parade was the centre of attention as onlookers watched from apartment blocks and balconies. The colour and chaos on display was easy on the eye and captured the imagination of a city under siege. This was the "Tudo Bom" procession and it was designed to uplift spirits and shake the establishment to its core. Dancing to the beat of the drum, they made their way forwards with pride and purpose, on towards city hall. 

Bigamo is the record label run by Frank Wiedemann of Âme. On this EP Abrão's music is put to the test as it is remixed and reimagined by a talented assortment of producers and musicians, including Sado V. 

Listen below: