Premiere: 96 Back – Punch Drunk Esc


He awoke disorientated, his vision blurred in the early morning light. His face had been stuck to the lino floor in the kitchen, seems he hadn’t made it up the stairs to bed then. The stench of cigarette smoke clung to the air and the fumes of undisclosed alcohol spillages travelled up his nostrils. Everybody had already made their escape before morning (and the inevitable regret) had begun to creep in, and as usual he’d been left to pick up the pieces.

Last month we shared the news of Brighton-based party starters Accidental Meetings taking their first steps into the label world, enlisting the help of friends and family with close ties to the party to contribute tracks to their mammoth compilation. After lockdown left the crew with no events in sight, they made a pledge to pull together the 21-track offering which journeys through the electronic sounds that will be at the core of the label in the future. From dancehall and electro to UK techno and breaks, the release features cuts from the likes of Chungo, Charles Green, Alexis, Caldera, ZaaZaa, Kincaid and DJ Tess, which we premiered last month.