Premiere: 4 energoblok – Sterzhen’


NV REC is a new project designed to help shape a new young community of artists, musicians and events in Sochi/Moscow. It is being championed and pioneered by OL who himself has released a collective array of music on the likes of FIT Sound, Muscut, Meda Fury and Motion Ward. 

The goal is to provide education, access and outlets to up and coming musicians and producers offering them the chance to showcase their music both locally and more widely. 

The latest release on the label comes from 4-й энергоблок – a duo made up of Sil and Luge. The label describes their music and background as follows:

“Both are Deficit Moscow employees and residents. Sil has been interacting with Nvrec crew for a long time as a dj and Luge is known as a participant in the Bolshevo jazz-trio. Combining forces in their debut album «Привыкай к земле» Sil and Luge are moving away from the casual framework creating warm-hearted musical landscapes filled with jazz harmonies framed by a light touch of cosmic atmosphere. Recorded during 4 months as a result of home studio jam sessions.” 

Listen to a track from the new tape below: