Premiere: Metropolitan Soul Museum – Reapers


Crafty house excursions on Public Release from Nick Woolfson and Filippo Rocco aka Metropolitan Soul Museum.

There were strange ghouls and mysterious ghosts which haunted the streets at night. They left no trace by the light of the morning yet beneath the shadow of darkness they acted as reapers and villains, picking up lost souls.

It was hard to say where they’d come from and how they’d found themselves to be in this world. They seemed to float faintly between the cobbled streets, leaving behind a cold chill in the dense fog of the midnight.

Were they some kind of strange magic? Were they simply an illusion of the mind? Something we might want to believe in rather than a fact…?


Metropolitan Soul Museum have fast become a duo to keep an eye on – their music is distinctly innovative, drawing upon elements of krautrock and leftfield electronica. This time they offer up a collection of house based music for Public Release on an EP called ‘The Pleasure Principle’. It’s a strong EP.