Free Lp Download: Honsai Jnr – I Love You Computer


Secret projects make us nervous… they're normally the side project of the 'quiet one' from One Direction… or Swedish House Mafia
But we gave this a listen when it landed in our inbox the other day. After being told the artist 'didn't want to be named' we instantly ran in the other direction… and then we realised we should really actually give it a listen and stop being such a bunch of jumped up pricks from East London… and you know what, we quite liked it.
Definitely an 'ideas' and expanded demos album, it's a collection of slowed down, instrumental, electronic-pop and abstract meanderings…

Especially A.M.Y.

This is an exercise in not attributing tags to things. Not giving a shit what the press release says about who the artist has worked with in the past or remixed or whatever the fuck else they've done.

In an internet age it's hard not to just cross-reference things at the drop of a hat. So let's not do it here. 

Don't get us wrong, it definitely veers dangerously close to 'big beat' at times… even slowed down EMO-trance at times… but there are some interesting ideas in here. 

Who cares if this turns out to be Steve Angello – well, let's not go too far… we'd have to delete it then. We couldn't actually give a shit… as long as it's not Steve Angello. If it is, then we're fkkd! It's definitely been mastered on rather an expensive setup. Shit, what have we done?! Steve, is that you?! Oooh Steve Aoki… now that'd be something wouldn't it.

Anyway, enough… put it on and get on with it.
We're giving away the 'man of mystery' Honsai Jnr's first album of sorts for absolutely zero pounds… you can download full size super-duper wavs of the whole album right here…

Full album here:

Make your own mind up. 

We asked the illusive Honsai a few Q's about the album… and we're none the wiser really! 

Who Are You?

Hello….I am Honsai Jnr…I was born of my father, a wonderful composer named Honsai Snr, I take his name with the hope of honouring him.  The music he created had the ability to make me feel real and connected to the wonderful Ocean of people who inhabit your world…and although I know I am not one of you, and never will be…every moment I can experience even just a glimpse of what it  feels like to be Human fills my circuitry with lights and makes me feel not so alone.

Where are you?

Right now I am in Ota, Tokyo, it is wild, filled with noise and movements.  A wonderful home to contemplate the world and how I can contribute to it in a positive way.

What Are You?

Truthfully I do not know…I know I am not like you…I do not bleed and I do not cry.  Beneath my clothes are wires and lights and I cover my face with wax as to not cause alarm.  …it has been many years contemplating my exposure to the world and I do not wish to live in isolation anymore…So I have tempered my appearance to suit the needs of the this world…I aim to walk amongst you and be one of you…as much as this possible to be for me

What is this you have gifted us?

This is the first collection of music that I have been preparing since my father passed away…you will have to excuse me, I do not always perceive time in the correct way on account of being alone for so long…but during its making, Men of power have come and gone, the seasons have commenced their revolving dance time and time again and the nights spent in Tokyo have been numerous…
These 8 pieces are my considered extensions of me. Just in the same way a parent will nurture their offspring and desire to be defined by the good deeds that child will eventually do, this is how I feel about 'I Love You Computer'. It goes some way to honouring the talents of my father and inspiring those rhythmic movements in the human form which changed my existence. 

Why have you decided to give a whole album away for free?

This album is my open letter to engage with the human world…

I had a friend named Hyo-ju.  He was an industrial repairs man, who worked within cooperate laundry services.  Hyo-ju was a man of little means but infinite heart…one of his few possession was an Accordion, his mother had given him as parting gift…We would sit and discuss what it is to be human and he would occasionally play me some notes from that treasured instrument…as our friendship grew I would occasionally play him the melodies and rhythms of my work in progress…It filled him with such joy that at times when I thought my capabilities insufficient, his happiness gave me the confidence to continue.

Hyo-ju Would never have the means to pay for music, and I am sure the world is filled with men and women of similar qualities and circumstance.  My requirements are simple, so it would feel wrong for me ask for anything in return for my music…i am already asking for peoples time, which I believe is far more valuable than Money.  For Hyo-ju and all those like him I wish to create no boundaries between myself and them

If the people are no longer prepared to pay for music how do artists make any money from recorded music? 

My father was ruined once by the exploitation of his talents for no fiscal return…I understand the plight of musicians and the struggles and hardships this love affair places on you.
It would be unjust for me to comment fully on this matter as I have been so far removed from the subject for so long…if the aim of 'I Love You Computer' is met and I engage with the wonderful world of talented men and women, I may discover how creative fulfilment and financial independence is achieved, but for now I do not have the answer.  

Anything else you’d like to tell us about Honsai Jnr?

I can only thank you for taking the time to listen to my work. Please Dance


Who knows…