Free Download: Real Clothes – Hideaway (Pareidolia Edit)


"The form of an object, its true nature, is said to lay beyond physical perception—its face merely a masterpiece of chance and uncertainty made known only through a cascade of fossilised shadows." – Whether or not this is quite your philosophy is essentially irrelevant in this instance. Why? Because there's a rather special track on offer for you to add to your collection for the same price that U2's last album was when it invaded your iTunes.

Topical, right?

This mesmerising beauty from Real Clothes is taken from the Hollow Forms compilation album that's on the way shortly via Youngbloods. The track is set up to mess with your mind as the Pareidolia edit manipulates it in such a way that you'll think up is left and down is a ham sandwich.

Delve into this marvellous oddity and have your world turned upside down;

Hollow Forms is out on 16th June via Youngbloods.

Main image: Andee Arches